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GPS Antenna Capabilities

GPS Antenna

GPS L1/L2 for Launch Vehicle Applications

GPS Antenna Capabilities

Haigh-Farr’s GPS antennas are industry leaders when it comes to the need for robust and reliable design. With the advent of GPS being used not only for navigation, guidance, and control of airborne vehicles but also for tracking of rockets, missiles, launch vehicles, and drones by ranges around the world, having antennas you can count on for GPS reception is an absolute necessity. Our antennas are designed and built with this in mind.

We can craft our antennas out of extremely durable and hardened materials for high shock, vibration, and thermal environments when necessary. Moreover, we can integrate our antenna RF connectors into the backing plate of the hardware as one continuous piece of material so as to strengthen the critical load points of the assembly. In addition, we can design our antennas as one-piece or multi-segment wraparounds for the most complete circumferential coverage possible on cylindrical bodies or as individual conformal patch or slot elements to be placed in multi locations where vehicle geometry doesn’t allow for wrap designs.

Finally, Haigh-Farr GPS antennas can be designed for L1-only, L1/L2, L1/L2/L5, or GPS/GNSS applications. Our flexibility on frequency combinations coupled with particular attention to surviving and thriving in harsh environments has made us a world-leader in GPS antenna design for all manner of flight vehicles. We have successfully qualified numerous deigns to the rigorous standards of RCC-324, our antennas are being used more and more in the satellite market for long-term exoatmospheric applications, and we have recently started designing an active GPS antenna which will combine the benefits of broad RF coverage with active filtering and amplification for a ready-to-use GPS signal exiting the antenna assembly. When it comes to GPS antenna requirements, Haigh-Farr can help you meet your needs.

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As military and aerospace users of GPS are well aware, jamming and signal interference are among the biggest issues associated with satellite-based navigation systems.  Radiated data coming from these spacecraft are very weak and are therefore prone to being overwhelmed by surrounding RF energy (intentional or not).  As a result of this known vulnerability, engineers have come up with a variety of techniques to counter and overcome the problem.  At Haigh-Farr, we have implemented two solutions over the years to do our part in confronting this known risk of using the GPS constellation.  For simpler applications, or where vehicle real estate is limited, we can design a Fixed Radiation Pattern Antenna (FRPA).  FRPAs can be designed to lift radiated patterns off the horizon to limit interference from signal-skip coming off of satellites viewed at low angles.  This technique can help in some circumstances but is rather limited if known jamming environments are present.  For these more serious threat situations, Haigh-Farr uses Controlled Radiation Pattern Antenna (CRPA) arrays to complement our customers’ system-level solutions to GPS susceptibilities.  Our CRPAs are made up of multiple elements that are precisely phase-matched to each other and arranged such that elements can be electrically coupled in whatever combination works best for a given threat scenario.  We provide the antenna arrays, and our customers typically provide the electronics that together make up this flexible and powerful anti-jamming platform.  If your GPS needs demand this kind of solution Haigh-Farr is here to help.