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Haigh-Farr P/N 16400-XXX UHF Antenna is part of our family of rugged Blade antenna products available in frequencies ranging from UHF to upper C-Band. The 16400-XXX is a low profile, mechanically robust design that can be custom tuned to meet discrete UHF frequencies, including those for Flight Termination. The antenna can be provided with added thermal protection to survive extreme high temperature environments. 
With a nearly 50 year heritage, Haigh-Farr’s Blade antennas have a demonstrated reliability of use in high performance supersonic airborne applications. With a COTS price point they are likewise used in commercial aircraft and race cars, among other applications. 
Haigh-Farr has been providing mission critical antenna solutions to the defense, aerospace, and commercial markets since 1969. Our hardware can be tailored to meet our customer’s unique needs and environments while leveraging our extensive design database to minimize lead time and cost for custom designs.