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BEDFORD, NH, September 28, 2018 - Haigh-Farr, a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of integrated antennas for defense, space and commercial applications, leverages its extensive history and expertise from working in the space industry to address the next generation Small Satellite market. Utilizing well proven techniques from concept through creation the company is capable of modifying existing designs enabling responsiveness and practical solutions to a wide variety of customers and applications. “Our teams technical expertise, coupled with the analysis tools we have, and the ability to perform every operation in house from design through manufacture and test enables us to respond to short time lines and competitive pressures our customers require in this fast moving market place,” said David Farr, President, Haigh-Farr. “The experience we have with the major Launch and Spacecraft customers give us tremendous resources the Small Satellite market is able to take advantage of. We are supporting both the Launch Vehicle and the Satellite side of this evolving market place. We have created designs in frequency bands from UHF to K-Band. We provide telemetry, GPS, tracking, transponder and flight termination for launch vehicles in a rugged construction using well proven materials and fabrication techniques to handle the increasing environmental requirements. We have designed and manufactured antennas for TDRSS, Iridium, GPS, Inmarsat, SGLS, and Occultation applications. Our company heritage has fostered innovative thinking with in Haigh-Farr’s engineering community. This has led to a great number of truly unique deployable antenna designs.” Haigh-Farr has the experience and modeling capability to customize antenna solutions. If one of our standard antennas does not meet your exact specifications, we can generate adaptations of existing designs within a very short time frame. For more information on custom solutions, please reach out to Haigh-Farr directly.

About Haigh-Farr Haigh-Farr, Inc. has a 50-year history of designing and producing exceptionally rugged, high-performance antennas for a diverse array of applications including launch vehicles, spacecraft, missiles, aircraft, UAV’s and satellites. Well known for its ability to adapt core technology to meet any vehicle’s unique performance and environmental requirements, Haigh-Farr delivers affordable solutions with proven reliability.