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April 2011 - Haigh-Farr is pleased to announce that we have expanded our Facility to more than triple our Production floor space.  Construction of the expanded space began in August, 2010 and was completed on schedule this month.  In addition to the expanded Production space, we have added several new work areas including a dedicated Engineering office suite and additional conference room/production management staff offices.  This expansion comes only four short years after our relocation to our Bedford facility when we then doubled the size of our Facility from our prior location. 

The expansion represents another milestone in the rapid growth Haigh-Farr has enjoyed over the past 10 years.  It sets the stage to allow Haigh-Farr to continue to be responsive to the ever-growing needs of our customers and it, along with our new ERP system and continued staff additions, will enable our team to properly foster this upward trend long into the future. 


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Haigh-Farr has an over 40 year history of designing and producing exceptionally rugged, high- performance antennas to the world’s foremost Aerospace companies. If you don’t find an antenna meeting your requirements in our standard list of products, Haigh-Farr has the experience and modeling capability to customize a solution. Adaptations of existing designs can be done with very short lead times. Contact Haigh-Farr at for a review of your antenna requirements.

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